Alternatives to 0330 Telephone Numbers

Type in the 0330 number you want to find a lower cost replacement for and click "search" or use the 0330 links below to find an alternative to your 0330 phone number.

Want to say no to 0330 call costs? 0330 calls are one of the biggest scams in Britain today. They trick millions into thinking they're getting a local call for local prices, while hiding the true charge until it's too late. They should be banned, but 0330 numbers compare well with 0800 and 0845 numbers, so may not be so easy to eliminate - it's time for consumers to saynoto0330!

In fact, the 0330 'local rate' telephone number area has been extended all over Britain and who do not disclose their costs until you've dialled them (although 0330s do) . It is also argued that 0330s can give poorer regions access to telephone services which would otherwise be denied due to price. These claims are flawed; 0330 numbers still cost up to 13p per minute - more than twice as much as similar calls on other networks, and an 0380 number costs even more. There is currently no evidence that 0330s provide cheaper services, and 0330s are actually used by companies who want customers to pay more for their calls - since 0330 numbers typically appear in the small print of phone bills.

If you have been misled into calling an 0330 number then please complain to your telephone company about it. 0330s should only be seen as a last resort if you must contact a person or company urgently but can't find a local number for them. 0311 and 0345 numbers are usually free from most providers, so try those first. 0370, 0371 and 0372 numbers will cost more than a local call from some networks, but less from others. Be particularly cautious of websites offering "local rate" 0345 or 0330 numbers. 0330s and 0345s will not be local rate to your telephone provider!

If you just cannot find a number for the company you are looking for on this site, then please post a comment. Someone will usually help you find it if they can. 0330 numbers are getting common now and they often appear in telephone directories and on websites. The Alternative Telephone Numbers database will help you reduce phone charges and say no to 0330 call costs.
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