Alternatives to 0844 Telephone Numbers

Type in the 0844 number you want to find a lower cost replacement for and click "search" or use the 0844 links below to find an alternative to your 0844 phone number.

Phone numbers beginning with the 0844 code are referred to as "service numbers" and can cost 11p and up per minute to call from a landline and over 50p per minute to call from a mobile so you will be well-advised to find an alternative to these non-geographic 0844 phone numbers if possible.
Due to the fact that these 0844 telephone numbers can generate revenue for the business being phoned it means that these numbers are often used for services such as:
  • Support / help lines
  • Sports and concert ticket booking services
  • Holiday and travel bookings and enquiries
  • Conference call services

  • Want to say no to 0844 call costs? In March 2008, a crackdown on 0844 mobile phone numbers was announced by the Office of Fair Trading. The regulator had found that call costs to 0844 mobile phone lines cost as much as 53 pence per minute from a landline - far higher than for calls to geographic numbers even though they are often charged at local rate.

    The government has now said that all companies using such numbers must heed this advice and ensure that customers wishing to call them receive accurate information about the cost of doing so before they ring, rather than after they have been put through. In addition it will be illegal for companies to force anyone calling an 084 number to go through an automated menu or press any specific keys in order to find out how much it will cost them to call.
    The government is also concerned about numbers beginning with 0870 and 08732 as they may be used by companies providing financial services, such as some special rate helplines for a bank or a building society.

    As a result the premium-rate regulator announced that it is investigating more than 100 complaints against phone-based betting lines that failed to warn punters of hefty charges before they were connected to operators' 0870 or 0844 numbers, the premium-rate regulator said: "We will relentlessly pursue those who relentlessly pursue consumers". The Alternative Telephone Numbers database will help you reduce phone charges and say no to 0844 call costs.
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