Alternatives to 0845 Telephone Numbers

Type in the 0845 number you want to find a lower cost replacement for and click "search" or use the 0845 links below to find an alternative to your 0845 phone number.

Phone numbers beginning with the 0845 code are referred to as "service numbers" and can cost 11p and up per minute to call from a landline and over 50p per minute to call from a mobile so you will be well-advised to find an alternative to these non-geographic 0845 phone numbers if possible.
Due to the fact that these 0845 telephone numbers can generate revenue for the business being phoned it means that these numbers are often used for services such as:
  • Support / help lines
  • Sports and concert ticket booking services
  • Holiday and travel bookings and enquiries
  • Conference call services

  • Want to say no to 0845 call costs? Do you get irritated when you phone a call centre and have to pay 0845 or other fancy numbers? Maybe you're being ripped off even more than the extra minutes on the call.

    Think about it: that expensive 0845 number is going to be using a premium rate line, where companies charge up to 40p a minute just for getting through to an operator. The company should be paying so much for their calls from calls centers that they can afford not to charge customers extra, yet they still do - it's time for consumers to saynoto0845 call charges!.

    There are statistics about how much money these companies are making due to charging us the customer, but I'm sure we all know that! We could also give some tips on how to get around this problem when you have to call a company e.g. the benefits of call blocking devices for your landline number: call blocking device for landline number can help you to say no to 0845. Telemarketers calls are annoying as is phone spam calls annoying and nuisance calls can be stopped too in order that unwanted calls be reduced.

    The rise of mobile phones has seen the decline of premium rate numbers, like 0845 and 09, but landlines are still affected by these charges. They are still used, though it is typically for faxes and other such communications. Landlines can add up if you get a lot of nuisance calls, especially 0845 and 09 numbers which will cost you money while you're waiting to be connected. This can be extremely frustrating when all you want to do is read the paper in peace. The solution for this issue, and many others can be found with a call blocking device. By blocking these channels of communication, you add security and safety to your number. This will not only stop scam artists from targeting you, but also young children who may be exposed to dangerous calls. These devices not only stop nuisance calls, but will also protect your phone number from being exposed online. The Alternative Telephone Numbers database will help you reduce phone charges and say no to 0845 call costs.
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