Alternatives to 0871 Telephone Numbers

Type in the 0871 number you want to find a lower cost replacement for and click "search" or use the 0871 links below to find an alternative to your 0871 phone number.

Phone numbers beginning with the 0871 code are referred to as "service numbers" and can cost 11p and up per minute to call from a landline and over 50p per minute to call from a mobile so you will be well-advised to find an alternative to these non-geographic 0871 phone numbers if possible.
Due to the fact that these 0871 telephone numbers can generate revenue for the company being called it means that these numbers are often used for premium services such as:
  • Support / help lines
  • Sports and concert ticket booking services
  • Holiday and travel bookings and enquiries
  • Conference call services
  • Betting tips
  • Horoscopes and fortune-telling
  • Dating services and adult entertainment

  • Want to say no to 0871 call costs? If you're like me, you've probably been given a 0871 number by your current broadband provider. The benefit is that it lets them phone customers - saving ring-around time and making call costs cheaper for those who can't be bothered with the hassle of having to dial an 0845 or 0870 number (which used to be common but now cost considerably more). However, chances are this won't actually turn out to save you any money at all. For example, I was recently given a BT Infinity 2 0871 number which will supposedly save me around £1/month compared to calling their main 0845 31 numbers (even though they apparently have more expensive "Premium Rate" lines for calls outside peak hours). Yet in reality my bills have been skyrocketing ever since. How? Well, a 0871 number is a premium rate number - it's no different to calling an 0870 or an 0845 from a consumer perspective. That means BT can set whatever prices they want and will be allowed to charge you even more if the line is "silent" (i.e., you don't pick up). In other words, not only will it cost you more than dialing an equivalent 0845 or 0870 number, but it could potentially be much higher depending on how busy the line is. For example, O2 recently announced that they would start charging 10p/min for all outgoing calls on their 0161 855 1000 number which many of us have been given. They claim that this is to "ensure a good quality service". In reality they're just trying to make as much as they can from having given out these numbers, and now those who have them are being forced to pay the price - it's time for consumers to saynoto0871 call costs!

    In fact this isn't even particularly new - 0871 numbers have been around since 2001, and before then 0845 / 0870 numbers had pretty similar pricing (indeed some were actually more expensive). So if you've been given an 0871 number by your broadband provider for 'savings' reasons, it's probably time to call up and request a different number – otherwise you're going to be paying through the nose! You wouldn't accept such outrageous premium rate prices on normal telephone lines, so why should you put up with it on your broadband line? The Alternative Telephone Numbers database will help you reduce phone charges and say no to 0871 call costs.
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